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Quality since the presentation

We put a lot of care and attention into packing our products because we know that they’ll be in our consumers’ hands within no time at all.

Agrosol Export S.L., Packaging

Our mixed vegetable box, filled with packets of Cherrytos&Go, peppers (red, yellow and green), cucumbers, courgettes and aubergines, is our most popular product and we prepare each shipment carefully, not just to maximise fragrance and flavour quality, but also so our products look great when they reach your home. We pack them using self-assembly cardboard boxes designed to hold up to 25kg in weight, which are made of double wall cardboard, humidity resistant and can be stacked vertically. We take similar care when wrapping our products, using flow pack wrapping and plastic film to wrap our tricolour peppers and cucumbers respectively.

Cherrytos&Go are a healthy snack for everyone at home, from the youngest to the oldest in the family. They are a quick, fun and healthy way to incorporate the fibre, vitamins and minerals from cherry tomatoes into your day-to-day diet. We pick them with special care because they will be consumed directly, whether you choose the 95g container or the 115g bag

From our bags of Cherrytos&Go to our variety boxes and baskets, the packaging we use is the right shape and size to guarantee the physical integrity of our fruit and veg during their journey.

“El picking de este producto se realiza con especial cariño”