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Exportation is so important to us that it forms part of our name: Agrosol Export

Over two generations of farmers have grown and harvested the best native and international fruits and vegetables, creating some incredible tastes that stir memories and conversation around our customers’ tables, together with the most important factor: health.

Our international clients and partners know what we can do at this is why we have been continuously working together for so long. Their need for quality and year-round production led us to implement innovative technology (tube heating) that also allows us to compete thanks to the benefits of a microclimate and the exceptional earth of Almería.

Specialising in quality and constant production throughout the year

Offering products with a fresh, natural taste and without additives or pesticides has been Agrosol’s priority right from the beginning. We also address the needs of our partners and distributors by providing them with produce all year round. At Agrosol Export we took the decision to invest in innovation and transform our facilities to provide quality throughout the year, creating thousands of hectares with cutting-edge technology (tube heating).

 We love the earth, and we have got to know it and learnt how to work with it over the years to arrive at the level of excellence that we have always promised, growing special produce for people that know how to appreciate it. By combining two lifelong passions at Agrosol Export, agriculture and expansion, we can say that although we have put a lot of care into quality and production, we have not forgotten the purpose of our work: to deliver products on time (logistics), in good shape (packaging), and with responsible planning for all seasons year after year.

We export 90% of our production

Exporting vegetables from Almería

The majority of countries in Europe buy fruit or vegetable products from Almería at some point in the year. 61% of production from this province is exported (of which 99.8% is destined for European markets), and the rest is marketed in Spain.

The decision to export depends on a number of factors: economic, geographic and cultural factors, country of origin, type of product, the company, its capacity and corporate culture, legal framework and exportation destination, amongst other factors.

Three of the main countries that fruit and vegetable products from Almería are exported to are the Netherlands (13.55%), France (13.5%) and the UK (11.4%).

Almería exports 322,600 tonnes of fruit and vegetable produce, representing 9.2% of the total from Spain.


Agrosol products in the European markets

With the aim of getting our produce to the shelves on time and at optimum ripeness, we plan our seasons and logistics so that we can offer you the best product at the right time.

We carry out such comprehensive tracking of our produce that at any time we can work out which plant each of our products has come from, from which harvest, the way it was farmed, which special conditions it was in whilst it ripened, and even the lorry, destination and any possible incidents occurring. This allows us to know the exact state of all our produce throughout the production chain and assures us of the quality of the delivered product, as well as allowing us to respond immediately to our clients.

Some of the main supermarkets where we sell our produce are:

  • Tesco
  • Sainsbury´s
  • Mark&Spencer

We want to change the way people live through our products. We know the importance of our clients and partners achieving this and we priotitise them throughout the process.

To achieve this, we rely on partners such as: Glinwell PLCTotal Produce PLCFortuna Frutos UK Ltd., Valley Grown SaladsBakkavor.


At Agrosol Export we specialise in certain products and varieties each season, and in this 2016-2017 season we are focussed on tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. The main countries where we export these products to are:

  • Tomatoes: Germany (253,603,412 tonnes), the UK (145,786,239 tonnes) and the Netherlands (108,809,177 tonnes)
  • Pepper: Germany (289,784,484 tonnes), France (117,876,979 tonnes) and the Netherlands (91,559,489 tonnes)
  • Cucumber: Germany (176,469,357 tonnes), the Netherlands (63,069,737 tonnes) and the UK (59,003,974)
Agrosol products bear the most rigorous European certifications