The highest quality for your menú

In order to provide the best dishes to your customers, it is necessary that you have in your kitchen the best ingredients. In Agrosol Export, agriculture is a family tradition, and the quality in the fresh products, our aim. CAAE, Tesco, Nurture, Field to work, SEDEX….Certified quality for that special taste that your dishes deserve.


All the taste, colours and flavour of the orchard of Almeria


The flavours that you remember, with the highest security

Catering industry is synonym of trust. Trust in the kitchens of the restaurant, bar or hotel; trust in the professionals that elaborate menus; and confidence in the raw materials that they select.

In Agrosol Export we want to be for your business the trust partner that you need.

We put at your disposal our system of traceability, internationally certified, that will allow you to know all the facts (since the seeds that we use until the handling and transport) of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers or eggplants that you use in your menus. We work so that you only have to be concerned about that fresh products that we offer you are the helthiest and tastiest that you can offer to your customers.

The taste and flavour that your dishes deserve

A tomato with the flavour your remember, brought from our greenhouses in the west of Almeria. Our products can be organic if you wish, which is non-negotiable is its taste, colour, flavour…characteristics that define our products and that will be live up to your menu.

The same quality, the same freshness, the same flavour; from the orchard of Almeria to your kitchen. Thanks to our greenhouses, we can provide your kitchen with fresh products the 365 days of the year.

The most demanding markets opt for fruits and vegetables of Almeria, from Agrosol Export we carry that quality to the kitchen of your hotel, bar or restaurant.

Having fresh products throughout the year, no need to be its natural harvest season, offer total freedom to the kitchens to elaborate the best menus for the customers. Our greenhouses have the most innovative technology (hot water heating systems) that allow us to take the opportunity of having throughout the year the virtues of the microclimate of Almeria. Same quality, same freshness, same flavour, every month of the year from Almeria to your kitchen.

Vegetables from Almeria, sure success

Vegetables from Almeria are the preferred choice of the most demanding markets, both for the distribution to the HORECA channel. 61% of the production is exported, landing in Europe the 99,8% of the fruits and vegetables that are not consumed in Spain (39%). That quality will be the one that will enjoy your hotel or restaurant if you trust us. The same international certificates of quality that accredit us in UK, country where we export from more than 20 years, the guarantee of sucess in your kitchen.




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