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Why choose Agrosol?

Good reasons to work with us

Our differentiation was born the very moment we decided to innovate, thinking about the individuals and families (our consumers) that really appreciate the quality of our produces, and want to contribute to the health and welfare of people. We work for a special kind of people, those who are sensitive to sustainable economy and are curious to enjoy well-selected and cared varieties.

Why choose Agrosol?

1. Because we like to see our products grow. From seasonal planning and the preparation and sowing of the land, to the day-to-day where we see the fruits grow; our work ends when we see the smile on your face after seeing, smelling and tasting our products.

2. Porque somos agricultores especializados, apasionados e innovadores trabajando en una de las regiones más avanzadas de producción de verduras, frutas y hortalizas, con los más altos estándares de control y trazabilidad de nuestros productos.


3. Because we promise outstanding, high quality production at fixed prices all through the season, with specific, Premium category products such as pear cherry tomatoes, piccolo tomatoes, baby plums, vine tomatoes, beef tomatoes, Almería cucumbers, midi cucumbers, California peppers, Ramiro peppers, Sweet Bite peppers, Crimson Sweet watermelon and other small vegetable snacks.

4. Because we aspire to be number one for our clients. This drives us to be competitive, achieve the best standards of quality and efficiency, and makes us a supplier you can always trust.

5. Because for us, cooperation is the key to success. Maintaining close collaboration with our producers and packers (logistics partners in the chain) means we can make promises to our buyers and, above all, ensures the best fresh produce all year round. This cooperation means creating a circle of trust, where everybody involved has a role. Cooperation has been a characteristic of our company since the very beginning, and nowadays it’s essential for all modern businesses, particularly when marketing fresh produce, where time is a critical factor. This cooperation with different members of the chain is what brings value to our end clients; the consumers, bringing them the best fresh produce all year round and fulfilling our promise of quality and service. This is why we want long-term partnerships where success on both sides is key.

6. Because ensuring security and quality is a basic premise of our work, both at a product, process and personal level, throughout the whole value chain. We guarantee our consumers, clients and governing bodies that our products and production processes adhere strictly to the levels of quality and safety set by national and international regulators, and we comply with three essential premises: Transparency, Monitoring and Inspection.

7. Because we are aware of the importance of innovation in the agricultural sector and the development of our consumers’ tastes and needs. This means we work closely with our business partners when planning production and making adjustments to their needs, schedules and appearance of our products (grade, shape, colour, flavour, texture, etc.).



8. Because we are second-generation farmers who know how to bring together the tradition of caring for the land and plants like our ancestors did, with the vision of our generation, by pioneering in innovation, sustainability and health.

9. Because we are from the world’s third largest exporting country of fruit and vegetables, Spain, and we compete with some of the best producers thanks to our continuous investment in state-of-the-art greenhouses, new infrastructure and over 90 hectares of land in the Andalusian Mediterranean, in Almería, a region that exports 70% of the produce. It is an area internationally recognised for its fertile land, exceptional climate and long sunlight hours in the famous Andalusian Sun.

10. Because we have the infrastructure and knowledge to fulfil the needs of our most experienced buyers, offering high quality and consistent delivery in a sustainable and efficient environment.

11. Because we strive to work intelligently, increasing the value our products give to consumers, like health, and doing so in a way that maximises return whilst investing minimum resources (water, electricity, fertilizers): we work efficiently and sustainably.

12. Because at Agrosol we bring together two words: “Agro”, from agriculture, representing the day-to-day work of renowned professional growers and the farming knowledge they have passed down from father to son; and “Sol”, or sun, representing the energy, life and change that can be seen in our continuous improvement and collaboration with suppliers and institutions.

13. Because tradition has taught us the importance of aeration and how each plant requires a certain planting depth. Too little aeration causes a sour taste in fruit, and too much can cause decolouration. As specialists in fruit and vegetables, we adapt to them and are able to offer the best varieties, using one essential factor: the natural light of our fantastic Mediterranean climate. We have more than 2,994 hours of sun per year, and we use innovation and state-of-the-art facilities to maintain regular production all year round, only using artificial light when it is absolutely necessary.


14. Because our objective is to be leaders as fruit and vegetable producers in the Andalusian Mediterranean with the highest standards of quality for the European market, as well as:

  • Being ambassadors for good business conduct
  • Working to gain the trust of all stakeholders
  • Actively helping to improve people’s nutritional intake, health and wellbeing
  • Being a benchmark for innovation in work methods
  • Openly supporting technology and professionalization of the sector

15. Because Agrosol stands out in terms of knowledge, having a safe and friendly work environment, innovation and sustainability, with some of the best greenhouse produce both in Spain and internationally.

Our uniqueness as a company started when we decided to invest in people and families (our consumers) who value, above all, quality products that contribute to their health and wellbeing, but who also believe in the importance of a sustainable economy and want to enjoy many specially selected, well-grown varieties of fruit and vegetables.

Sophisticated consumers are becoming more and more particular when it comes to fresh produce, wanting high quality, delicious produce all year round, and wanting to know their provenance and the way they were produced.

These consumers are mostly found in Europe and the United States, meaning our international distribution at Agrosol Export is only just getting started. However, our position as a company has always been to focus on culture, spreading our values internationally and promising three key things to our business partners:

1. We increase our competitive capabilities year after year

At Agrosol, we increase our ability to compete with other horticultural growers and suppliers, season after season, both nationally and internationally. This is down to our longstanding commitment to the levels of excellence valued by great food marketing businesses:

Seasonal production capacity: thanks to 12-month commercial planning and our 32 hectares of greenhouses, we can grow produce across our various production centres according to the variety chosen by our clients, at the right volume and price.
Innovative capabilities: providing a frequent, constant supply of the desired products as regularly as the client needs and according to consumer demands.
Ability to maintain standards of quality: both in our products throughout each season, as well as in our work methods, traceability and regulatory compliance.


2. We increase our technical and innovative capabilities year after year

At Agrosol Export we are very successful when competing technically, because we focus on the end consumer and the distributors’ need for specific, high quality produce throughout the season. Distributors need produce at a fixed price through the whole season, for very particular, Premium category products.

With this in mind, we have a team of professionals specialising in Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, as well as technological partners and public and private institutions who we collaborate with. This enables us to be leaders in one of the most widely respected areas of the agricultural sector: Almería.

Working in such a specialised area requires us to always be on the leading edge in order to provide products that really compete in quality.
Our culture and values always drive us to work hard and stay one of the best producers worldwide (in terms of quality, not quantity), by knowing the Premium market and specialising in specific fresh produce.

Combining our experience and commitment with our exceptional land and innovative capabilities makes us who we really want to be: a trustworthy partner for our distributors, catering professionals and consumers concerned about quality food and sustainability.


For example, our logistical capabilities allow us to deliver to UK shops in less than 6 days after harvest. When the destination is direct to British shops, transport time to the UK is reduced by 30%, meaning we can deliver within 4 days from harvest.

3. We improve long-term relationships with our business partners year after year

The UK is one of the most demanding agri-food markets in the world. It therefore makes us proud to say that after more than 20 years of experience working together, our British clients are completely satisfied. Some of our clients include Glinwell, Bakkavor, Valley Grown Salad and Total Produce PLC. What’s more, our products are sold across the best Tesco, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s stores.

In short, our current strategy is to create a company with a strong business platform, based on an export model focussed on markets where consumers value high quality products, such as Europe, Scandinavian countries, the Middle East and the Far East.