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Technological innovation at the service of quality

Our warehouse in Roquetas de Mar (Almería) is the focal point of all our logistical activity. All the fresh produce from the El Solanillo, Puesto Carretero, Las Cumbres, Soto Blanco, Las Marinas and Soto de las Cabras farms comes to us here.



Once we have received the produce at our warehouse, we start all the processes to ensure that both national and international distribution is carried out correctly.

Our boxes of fruit and vegetables for sale online are made with great care so that they get from the garden to your table in under 48 hours. Shipments to the UK are loaded onto trucks that deliver our goods to the main British shops in less than 6 days. Orders from the Middle East are transported in refrigerated trucks.

Thanks to our tracking system, we are able to monitor the origin, transportation, distribution and delivery of all our products, from their shipment in Andalucía to their arrival in London or Dubai.