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Fields and sowing

Our fields, orchards and greenhouses in Almería (Spain)

Agrosol Export boasts 32 hectares of multi-tunnel greenhouses across the best parts of Almería. Our farms in this province; El Solanillo, Puesto Carretero, Las Cumbres, Soto Blanco, Las Marinas and Soto de las Cabras, are all coordinated with our logistics centre. We grow our produce in these greenhouses with the latest technologies1 (integrated pest control, hot air and water heating systems, CO2 fertilisation…) to guarantee the highest quality fresh fruit and vegetables.

Constantly evolving facilities

In 2013 – 2014, the first 7 hectares were fitted with hot water heating systems. These few hectares became the start of intensive crop production that, thanks to its great results, extended to all 32 hectares in 2016, making Agrosol Export one of the great produce businesses1 in Poniente Almeriense.

Thanks to the increase in sales, we bought a further 8 hectares in 2014 and are currently preparing the rest of the ground for sowing.

The hot water and air heating systems in the greenhouses allow Agrosol Export to maintain production throughout the year, optimising the yield per square metre and ensuring the quality, quantity and freshness of products all year round.

Environmentally friendly facilities

At Agrosol we are passionate about the countryside, and that’s why we know that respecting the environment is vital for the future of our sector and for the whole planet. Our products are free from pests thanks to the use of integrated pest control (predatory insects used to prevent those that spread disease) and we have 13 hectares dedicated to certified organic fruit and vegetables.

Similarly, we have recycling programmes1 for our waste and a specific programme for waste reduction called “Zero Waste”.