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Research and development

Technological innovation at the service of quality

Supermarkets tell us more and more, about their customers’ recurring wish: higher quality fruit and vegetables. When consumers try our products, either directly from us or through distributors or supermarkets, they are always impressed by the quality. This satisfaction is what drives us to keep innovating. Thanks to our innovation in technology and processes, we are able to give more value to our clients.

For us, research and development begins with production planning, paying special attention to production schedules and demand in order to be resource efficient, as well as the various distribution procedures that allow us to fulfil our commitments with precision and quality.

Sustainable innovation in quality

Over 60 years of experience in the agricultural sector has taught us that, in the field, we must be constantly innovating1 to ensure the quality of our fresh produce2. The technological investments that we have made in our greenhouses3 as part of research and development include modern, automated tracking systems, integrated pest control, water heating systems and a distribution process that ensures our products are on the shelves of UK stores just 5 days after harvest.

We firmly believe that continual improvement is the only way to stand out from the crowd. For us, innovation is crucial for the growth of our company and the long-term profitability of the business.

Certifications are essential for objectively recognising the quality

Expertise and credibility of suppliers, both for the end consumer as well as for supermarkets and distributors. Our continuous drive for innovation has led us to receive the best certifications of quality, which you can see here.

“we seek sustainable innovation”

International certifications such as the CAAE for organic products [Andalusian Committee for Organic Agriculture], SEDEX and BRC, and individual certifications from some British supermarkets such as Tesco Nurture, which is part of the Tesco chain, and
Field to Fork from Marks & Spencer, guarantee the care, attention and professional treatment of products before they reach your table. Certificates of origin, control of production quality and tracking systems are becoming more and more
important for consumers, supermarkets and importers. This is why our commitment to innovation and care of our products ensures the best levels of freshness and quality.

Investment in our greenhouses

Agrosol has invested over 10 million euros in agricultural technology since its inception, with the aim of maximising production capacity, growing products that meet the most rigorous standards in international markets, and optimising energy
efficiency and available resources. Each season, Agrosol Export invests, on average, more than €600,000 in replacing equipment and greenhouses. Similarly, our annual investment in common supplies has risen to 2 million euros in order to maintain
biologically integrated production, acquire the best seeds, and continue the development of a suitable internal logistics system.

Additional investment: an ambitious energy-saving project

The company plans to maintain steady investment in assets that generate value in terms of cost and production efficiency. We have already planned investment in industrial cogeneration and energy-saving systems that will be located in the
greenhouse areas, in line with the state-of-the-art innovation there. The project consists of a facility that will increase energy saving efficiently through trigeneration (the production of hydrocarbons, thermal energy and CO2), where waste
plastics from the greenhouses will be treated. All by-products generated will be used exclusively by our own facilities. This investment will help to recycle tonnes of waste plastics, or low quality polymers. These waste plastics come from
the breakdown of agricultural film, which is exposed to the intense effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun for long periods of time. The final result is a state of crystallisation and loss of the film’s original properties, meaning
it must be removed. Thanks to our project, we will give new life to this waste.

Since its inception, Agrosol has invested over 10 million euros in technology.
This way, we have maximized our productive capacity,
improved our quality and optimized energy efficiency and the use os resources.

Integrated biological pest control

Integrated pest control or biological pest control is the use of predatory insects to control damage to crops from pests. The abuse of pesticides and chemical products can create ecological and toxicological damage to the fruits and vegetables.
This is why, at Agrosol Export, we use integrated pest control to reduce the use of plant protection products and other chemicals to a minimum. Thanks to these insects, our products are more natural and we can ensure they are free from pests
in an ecological and sustainable way, giving them a longer shelf life.

Hot water heating systems

The crops in the greenhouses have cycles that can result in a drop in temperature during the winter. When the temperature falls to below the minimum optimum temperature, the fruits and vegetables can develop physiological disorders, physiogenic
diseases, or fail to produce fruit. This can cause the crop to die and the harvest is lost. To avoid this damage to our plants, Agrosol Export have installed heating systems with boilers across 48 hectares, 10 of which contain glass greenhouses
and the rest being multi-tunnel greenhouses. Our greenhouses are equipped with hot water heating systems and CO2 fertilisation. Thanks to this technology, we can better control crop production during the colder months and avoid the risk of
a drastic fall in production volume due to low temperatures. Our latest investments have seen all our production hectares fitted with this type of heating system.

Tracking system

Our experience in international distribution has led us to implement a tracking system that gives us total control of all information about our crops. This system, which meets the most rigorous certifications of quality in the EU, allows
us to identify all of our products, from the seeds used and the exact area where each product was grown, to the exact shop they have been distributed to in less than 1 hour. The classic phrase “from the field to the table” is now something
that is perfectly controlled for your security.

Digital economy: new channels and consumers for fresh produce

Foresight of the future is crucial for companies who strive for innovation, like Agrosol Export. The world is on the edge of a Fourth Industrial Revolution and we are aware of the need to understand and deal with this new digital economy, where everything will be connected via the Internet of Things (IoT) and being responsive will require the newest digital tools.
Transparency, communication and customer service will be assessed according to our clients’ experience with us, and their grade of recommendation will be our true business card. The need to understand and get involved with new digital marketing channels has inspired us to launch the e-commerce website for Agrosol1, which has been a success amongst our national consumers. We have designed three categories of fourth range snacks, which are marketed under the brand “Cherrytos&Go”.
Our e-commerce website allows you to buy fresh, Premium category produce, either by kilo or in a variety box, including cucumbers, courgettes, aubergines, and red, yellow or green California peppers, all with guaranteed delivery to our national clients in between 24 and 72 hours.