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Fresh products for a healthy life

Work, home, homework, phone calls…sometimes our life goes faster than we’d like. We know that, despite the stressful day to day, you are always looking for the best for yours.

In Agrosol Export, we are here to help you. We provide you the best fruits and vegetables from the orchards of Almeria. All the flavour, the scent and the nutrients just one click away.


Healthy and tasty vegetables just one click away


A fun snack with the guarantee of Agrosol

Tasty health for your backpack!

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It’s not just a tomato, it’s a snack

Are you worried about what your kids eat on the playground? Are you feeling peckish between meals but you want to be in good shape? Cherrytos is the solution.

Cherrytos is a fun and healthy snack that accompany you and your family: gym, field trip, problem. Easy to carry, yummy and super healthy.

Cherrytos brings you in a practical and fun way a lot of benefits: lycopene, vitamin A, B1, B3, B6, C, E and K; magnesium, phosphorus,’s not a’s a snack!

The commitment with quality of Agrosol Export, is jointed in Cherrytos with the fun and simplicity that your daily life needs. Try the healthy snacks of Cherrytos and you will repeat.



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Top quality products, from the countryside to your home


Safe transport without damage of the product


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